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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the operator's internet shop

JAS flowers s.r.o. Ltd.ID: 056 17 421

Above headquartered Nad Helmrovkou 279/13

Prague 6 - Lysolaje 165 00, Czech Republic

Bank details for payment on account: 115-3778250207/0100  KB
IBAN     CZ8401000001153778250207

Terms and conditions § 1753Provisions of the conditions that the other side could not reasonably expect to be ineffective, unaccepted - if the party is explicitly disregarded the opposite arrangement . Whether such a provision will be assessed not only for its content but also the manner of its expression.

Order and purchase contract

1. Orders submitted through the online store, web form, by phone or in person at the store. By placing an order the buyer confirms terms and conditions .2. The order is a draft purchase agreement. The purchase contract shall arise at the moment of goods order by the buyer.3. The electronic order is valid when filling required data and information.4. The place of delivery is the address given by the buyer in the registration form.5. Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer, when it is paid and takeovered.6. By completing the registration form or a binding order in the Internet shop buyer gives to the seller consent to the collection and archiving personal data and the buyer's purchases.


1. Any reclamations will be handled in accordance with the laws applicable in the the country.2. The Contractor shall use its best endeavors to ensure the supply of the required time and in perfect condition.3. Complains about the quality or quantity of goods may be due to the range with a fast decay only when accepting shipments.4. In the case of a justified claim, the recipient has the right to exchange goods, price reduction or cancellation of the contract.5. Complaints can be filed by telephone, fax or in person at our shop.
The withdrawal from contract
Recipient hereby assumes goods with his signature and also confirms that the goods taken over in good condition. In case that goods are damaged (ie. broken flowers), the recipient prior to accepting the goods must notify the seller of damage at  or 222 745 746 , without unnecessary delay after the goods had a chance to be overviewed. Later complaints will be disregarded. In the case of demonstrable damage of goods the buyer has the right to its replacement, reduction in price of goods or is entitled to withdraw the contract. However, the seller is not liable for damage of goods caused by recipient.

Final Provisions

1. These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller, at the date of sending the electronic order by the buyer.2. By sending the electronic order form the buyer accepts all the provisions of the conditions in force at the date the order is sent3. All prices in our online store are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise indicated.
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